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Blinged Out Cars

Some glitter, some are gold and others are just perfection. Check out these blinged out cars that will keep you wanting more!

12 Incredibly Expensive Items To Use Everyday

How often have you thought about what you would do with a million dollars? Then you start picturing summer homes, cars, and yachts. What about the smaller things like a...

The Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

To match the rest of their luxuries, it’s expected that celebrities would have a ridiculously expensive engagement ring. Consider this for a second, in the US the...

Trends Of The Wealthy

What do the ultra rich spend their money on?? Well, look no further than this list!

Luxury Winter Vacations

Where do the rich spend their winter vacations? Take a look at this list and make some reservations!

Best Jewelry Brands

Ok, you have the dress, your hair is perfect, but you need some bling? Just who are some of the best jewelers? We have them right here!

These NBA All-Stars Have All-Star Mansions

No one feels more at home on hardwood than NBA players. Perhaps this is why they need so much of it in their own home. Sure, we all know basketball players make tons of...

What Women Really Think Of Your “Style”

Megan Collins is the founder of Style Girlfriend, and Ruthie Friedlander is the deputy editor of Why are we telling you this? Because when it comes to fashion,...

You Won’t Believe Where These Football Players Live!

When it comes to sports, football players are some of the highest paid athletes out there. An average salary of one of these NFL players is roughly $20 million per year...

Things Successful People Don’t Do

Want to be rich? Then you’re best to follow the advice of those that have already made it. Those that inherently know what it takes to rise above the masses and make...